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Mr.Amit Kumar

M.Sc. (Physics), Financial Analyst,
8 years of Experience in Network Marketing

India has a unique standing in the comity of nations in the domain of sustainable development.

India has been committed to environmental sustainability, ecological wellbeing and habitat conservation in the modern era of industrial and scientific development that has unleashed hazards of contamination of four realms of earth. India has also been moving in an upward trajectory of technological advancement that fuels its growth. What makes us unique is the fine balance between development and ecological sustainability that our development paradigm exhibits.

Since the beginning of civilization with Indus and Vedic age, our value system has given a preeminent position to nature and environment. We have also included it in the Constitution of India as Right to clean environment and Fundamental Duty of protecting the environment.

It is culturally entrenched to live in harmony with nature in India. We have been leaders in exploiting therapeutic values of herbs and medicinal plants like Basil, turmeric and neem. Herbal medicines, Homeopathy and Ayurveda are our cultural heritage. At the same time, we have moved in tandem with global technological advancements in the field of electronics, information technology, renewable and non-conventional energy like solar, wind etc. Thus we have established ourselves as leaders in both the domains of traditional knowledge and modern technologies.

In the recently concluded landmark Climate summit in Paris, India played a leading role in forging a deal to mitigate and adapt to the adverse impacts of changing global climate because India has a major stake in it given her geographical location. Our organization is completely aligned to the national goal of environmental sustainability by enabling its customers improve their quality of life through our products that range from solar lamps and electronic gadgets to herbal nutrition products. We believe in providing a rich customer experience through our wide gamut of products. Supplementary diet has become an imperative today given the low levels of nutrition amongst our population. With the objective of improving this, we have embarked upon the goal of providing herb-based nutrition supplements of the highest quality and standards.

We are an agro based economy. Farming is a critically important occupation with heavy dependence for livelihood amongst the population. Food security can be achieved therefore, through sustainable farming. Organic farming goes a long way in achieving this balance between sustainable farming and food security. We have come up, through our organization with a variety of organic and bio fertilizers.

With the ongoing revolution in e-commerce, we stand to benefit from its tremendous potential to offer in logistics and supply chain. Our distribution network has a robust framework with wide coverage and remote access. We have a target to reach out to customers in both rural and urban landscapes. The growing penetration of e-business and e-commerce will facilitate the process in a big way, with growing broadband and mobile telephony. This will entail our business model growth by leaps and bounds.

GST Revolution that has ushered in will further contribute to transforming business conditions and environment for our organization from a logistics and supply chain perspective GST Network will further enable us leapfrog to find our niche in the value chain both at the domestic level and internationally.

Our working conditions are conducive to the employee growth both in professional and personal spheres. We provide the latitude to our employees to contribute individually in terms of ideas, intra-preneurship and setting newer goals for the organization. There is flexibility in work that facilitates balancing of professional and personal spheres in the most appropriate manner. We look forward to tapping the rich demographic dividend especially, the youth, by tapping the right kind of talent. This is in sync with the goals of nation building through employment generation and services sector growth which is at the heart of GDP growth.

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